Brock Sondgeroth

Brock Sondgeroth

I graduated from Monmouth College with a Fine Arts in Art Education degree in 1997 and been an Art teacher ever since.  I taught at both LaMoille High School (1997-2008) and Mendota High School (2008-Present).  In 2017 I earned my Masters Degree in Art Education from Eastern Illinois University.  Through my figure drawing class at EIU, I realized I was holding myself back and have since begun showing my artwork more often.  This has led to many commissions with little time for personal art.

As an artist, I put most of my focus on digital creations, acrylic paintings, and charcoal drawings.  It has only been since the beginning of April when I was at a Comic-Con that I found a passion for creating comic-related art in my own style.  I have a newfound goal to get noticed by a major comic company and get my artwork on the cover of a published comic.  Someday I hope to realize that dream while still teaching art. In the meantime, I have made a commitment that for every two commissions I create a new piece of artwork I do reserved for myself and my dream.  


Art is full of life lessons, to never give up, to learn from our mistakes, to push through the hard times, to love what we do, to see things in a different light, and to open our minds to the unimaginable.  It is my responsibility to display all of these traits through myself so that my students know that anything is possible if you believe!


  • Example of a superhero commission


  • Speed painting of my Webslinger painting

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